Artist Statement

My art practice addresses the deep structures of power, money, hunger, and creativity, seeking to be both meaningful and generative. For me, creating art is not just a practice but a service—a deconstruction of current knowledge systems and the posing of alternatives. I aim to question the prioritization of Western Enlightenment thinking and the celebration of reason by uncovering imaginative realms that have been suppressed, conquered, and rendered voiceless through the hierarchical preference for the rational. My work combines mixed media, collage, photomontage, painting, drawing, installation, and performance to explore these themes.

How does one offer a truly empathetic dissent from our current social priorities centered on profit amid the destructive practice of industrial natural resource extraction? In my view, a contemporary ethics of usefulness as a practicing artist involves being present in the moment. By broadening our imagination, we can consider the infinitely shifting perspectives on our meaning and purpose as artists.